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          Animated Videos Advance Adoption of Agriculture Techniques

          MSU awarded $7.8M for agricultural transformation in Malawi, Tobacco


          研究, published in the journal Information Technology for Development, demonstrated that two years after being shown an educational animated video on a postharvest bean storage method, farmers in Mozambique had a 97% retention rate 和 89% adoption of the storage solution.

          根据 朱莉娅·贝洛 - 布拉沃, the 研究’s lead author, these results are crucial since developing 和 deploying scalable educational solutions for farmers in developing countries remains an elusive goal.

          助理教授 in the Department of Food Science 和 Human Nutrition. “It’s a cost-effective approach to reach isolated communities that might not otherwise have access to these important agricultural solutions.”

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          “We are dealing with the Last Mile Problem – how to get information to people in hard-to-reach places so they are aware of the techniques that can improve their own lives,” said 巴里pittendrigh, an MSU Foundation professor in the Department of Entomology, who co-founded of Scientific Animations Without Borders with Bello-Bravo.

          sawbo is a university-based program that transforms extension information on agriculture, health 和 women’s empowerment into animated videos, which are translated into many languages.

          In 2017, the researchers analyzed the farmers’ ability to recall the eight steps in the process, if they had used the new storage technique, 和 if they had shared the technique with other farmers.

          该se videos have applications around the world, Bello-Bravo said.

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          This 研究 was funded in part by the United States Agency for 国际 Development as part of the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Grain Legumes. 罗伯特·马祖尔 and Eric Abbott from 爱荷华州立大学, and Sostino Mocumbe 和 Ricardo Maria from the Mozambique Institute of Agricultural Research contributed to this research.

          该 video used in the survey was translated into the local language of lomwe 和 also is available in 葡萄牙语, the native language of Mozambique.

            - 杰西·阿德勒 朱莉娅·贝洛通过布拉沃 今天MSU

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