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          Water & Environment

          the science of the season

          wednesday, november 25, 2020
          Close up of green chestnuts

          michigan state university researchers are helping keep the holiday season green and fragrant by dedicating their expertise year-round to michigan’s flourishing christmas tree and chestnut industries. chestnuts roasting…

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          msu researchers discover ‘missing’ piece of hawaii’s formation

          thursday, november 19, 2020
          Hawaiian Islands with graphic of mantle underneath

          an oceanic plateau has been observed for the first time in earth’s lower mantle, 800 kilometers deep underneath eastern siberia, pushing hawaii’s birthplace back to 100 million years, says a michigan state university geophysicist. the discovery came…

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          farms, tables and revealing vast impacts between and beyond

          tuesday, november 17, 2020
          Open farm field with irrigation system in the background

          bountiful harvests in one location can mean empty water reservoirs and environmental woes far from farmlands. a unique study in this week’s nature communications examines how food, energy, water and…

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          fishing for answers to life’s mysteries

          monday, november 2, 2020
          Close up veiw of a gar fishes mouth, showing its teeth. With a blue sky in the background.

          evolutionarily speaking, the spotted gar is a bit of an old soul. that’s why ingo braasch, a michigan state university assistant professor in the department of integrative biology, is…

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          study finds small streams have big impacts on great lakes

          thursday, october 29, 2020
          River tributary with trees on both sides

          excessive nutrient inputs from tributary streams and rivers contribute to harmful algal blooms and coastal ecosystem degradation worldwide. however, the role that small tributaries play in coastal nutrient…

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          putting msu on the “geopath” to diversity in the earth sciences

          thursday, october 22, 2020
          Image of Tourists taking in Gros Morne Park, Newfoundland, Canada where geoscientist Matt Schrenk conducts research.

          with support from a two-year, $250,000 national science foundation geopaths grant, matt schrenk, assistant professor, and julie libarkin, professor, both from msu’s department of earth and environmental sciences (ees) in the college of natural…

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          mendoza to tackle greenhouse gas issues as a scialog fellow

          thursday, october 15, 2020
          A factory with smoke stack

          jose mendoza of michigan state university has been named a fellow for scialog: negative emissions science and will join 50 early-career scientists aimed at tackling the issues of…

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          mapping a greener future on farms with precision technology

          thursday, october 8, 2020
          soybean and corn fields

          when it comes to farming, becoming more sustainable can also mean becoming more profitable. so it’s only natural that farmers would look to spartans for help going —…

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          understanding how algal cells divide when they are hungry

          thursday, october 8, 2020
          Photobioreactors in the lab of David Kramer

          a new study from the msu-doe plant research laboratory delves into how algae manage cell division processes when they suffer from starvation. the finding has implications for biofuel technologies, given…

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          msu interdisciplinary team secures $3.2m grant to empower off-grid communities

          tuesday, october 6, 2020
          Native fishermen docking their boats

          michigan state university researcher emilio moran will lead a team in the development of a convergent framework offering non-dam hydropower as a sustainable energy solution for off-grid communities…

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