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          Designing Human Centered Technology to Support Health in Kenya

          researchers in front of a phone with the health app

          A Michigan State University research team is combining mobile technology insight from Kenyans and an approach called human-centered design, or HCD, to develop health tools for mobile devices in Africa.

          The project, funded by a $387,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health, will explore whether mobile health technology, 移动医疗, paired with HCD can make a lasting impact on health outcomes.

          由...领着 苏珊wyche, associate professor in the Department of Media and Information at the College of Communication 艺术 and Sciences, the research project will develop innovative mobile health technology from start to finish.

          It will involve building connections between software developers and public health practitioners, understanding the needs of Kenyan youth who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and working to develop a new 移动医疗 app.


          The research team includes 珍妮弗·奥尔森, associate professor of media and information, and 布雷霍尔茨, assistant professor in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, in collaboration with 丹尼斯贺喜, associate professor in the College of Nursing.

          502 Bad Gateway

          502 Bad Gateway 三连击, an interdisciplinary initiative that supports health research, to build partnerships in Kenya.

          The team will train two African organizations – software developers at lakehub and the nonprofit Kenyan Diabetes Management and Information Center – and pave the way for Kenyans to create more 移动医疗 apps in the future.

          “The goal is to help build capacity so that these organizations can build their own apps, recognizing that they are the experts,” said Wyche.

          “Michigan State is a leader in all things Africa,” said Wyche. “In terms of the breadth of expertise in Africa, there are really not as many places that are as strong as Michigan State.”

          “The impacted population should be part of the processes every step of the way,” said Holtz. “Therefore, you can develop a product that is needed, and used, which will hopefully improve the lives of those affected.”

          Melissa Priebe Via 今天MSU

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