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          Michigan State University main website

          emphasis areas

          research at michigan state university is vast. from our roots in agriculture to more recent breakthroughs in health science, complex materials and nuclear physics, our researchers strive to find solutions to the big problems of our time. we invite you to read the many stories of discovery included in the menu.

          moving forward, we will continue to evolve our research foci to meet the needs of an ever-changing and growing world. through our global impact initiative, we have identified new areas of research to address the “grand challenges” recognized at the state and national level, including but not limited to:

          • brain health (increasing understanding of the human mind to develop new methods for treating autism, alzheimer’s, epilepsy and so on)
          • clean water
          • cyberspace (securing our online world and protecting privacy)
          • fossil fuel alternatives (solar energy, electric vehicles, fusion, etc.)
          • genomics (mapping, sequencing, markers, etc. for improving human health as well as increased plant/food production)
          • health informatics
          • physics (deeper understanding of atoms, matter and energy)
          • technology for manufacturing







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