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          global impact initiative

          awakening immune forces to fight virus-driven cancer

          monday, november 9, 2020
          colorful fluorescence microscopy image of tumor environment

          as scientists continue technological advances into the largely unexplored genomic terrain of bacteria and viruses, our understanding of how they operate inside cells increases dramatically, delivering better answers…

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          wilson named president-elect of american chemical society

          wednesday, october 28, 2020
          MSU Chemistry building and Angela Wilson with ACS logo

          michigan state university chemist angela k. wilson has been named president-elect of the american chemical society (acs). she will serve a three-year term (2021-2023) in the presidential succession. “i join…

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          schmidt chosen for nih new innovator award

          wednesday, october 7, 2020
          Jens Schmidt with the NIH New Innovator Logo

          the national institutes of health recently announced michigan state university researcher jens schmidt as a recipient of its prestigious new innovator award to study how human cells repair…

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          strakovsky awarded $2.1 million grant to study chemical effects on women’s health post-pregnancy

          wednesday, september 16, 2020
          pregnant woman holding her stomach

          a team of researchers from michigan state university and the university of illinois, urbana-champaign (uiuc) led by rita strakovsky, an assistant professor in the msu department of food science and…

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          msu awarded nsf grant for science dmz

          wednesday, september 16, 2020
          Up close view of wires and computer boxes.

          from addressing climate change to developing drug treatments, data is key to finding solutions to many global problems. thanks to a national science foundation grant of nearly half…

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          new process to identify existing drugs for potential covid-19 treatments

          friday, april 10, 2020
          coronavirus cell

          in late january, as the world watched the growing covid-19 epidemic with increasing unease, a michigan state university laboratory, which specializes in the use of artificial intelligence and…

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          optical tweezers help in quest for better cancer treatments

          tuesday, march 3, 2020
          telomerese graphic

          stem cells involved in replenishing human tissues and blood depend on an enzyme known as telomerase to continue working throughout our lives. when telomerase malfunctions, it can lead…

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          understanding microbiome resilience on a changing planet

          friday, december 20, 2019

          dr. ashley shade received her ph.d. from the university of wisconsin microbiology doctoral training program in 2010, and afterwards was a gordon and betty moore foundation postdoctoral fellow…

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          researchers team up to find new treatments for orphan diseases

          wednesday, october 16, 2019

          the national institutes of health has awarded a michigan state university researcher a $2.1 million, five-year grant to search vast databases of existing drugs. many of the drugs…

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          global modeling of natures contributions to people

          wednesday, october 9, 2019
          A bumble bee examines a flower growing in beal garden

          nature supports people in critical ways, often at a highly local level. a wild bee buzzes through a farm, pollinating vegetables as it goes. nearby, wetlands remove chemicals…

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